L.R. Baggs Electronics
L.R. Baggs is making some of the finest acoustic pickups and accessories today.  The M1 is an incredible soundhole pickup, and the IBeam systems have won acclaim worldwide.  If you need an L.R. Baggs product and don't see it, call or email.  If we are out at the moment, we can order more for you!  We pledge to provide the best prices on L.R. Baggs!

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M1 Soundhole Pickup
The M1 is one of the most revolutionary soundhole pickups to be created in a long time.  It is easy to put in and remove, and has a very acoustic tone.  If you don't want to put an intrusive electronics system in your prized guitar, this is the system for you. 

L.R. Baggs IBeam Active
The L.R. Baggs IBeam Active system is an acclaimed pickup that accurately delivers the full acoustic tone you require.  It is easy to install, and will not fail to impress with its' tone.

L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.
The Para D.I. is an all-in-one box that is almost magic.  You can do so many things with this unit that it has become a can't-live-without item for many musicians today.  It features a Studio-quality direct box/pre-amp/equalizer all in one.  For all this unit can do, it is a bargain!