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Notable Guitars is proud to give you some information about who we are and how we conduct our business.   Why should you shop with Notable Guitars? We strive to offer you the best products and service at the lowest possible prices.

The Philosophy Behind Notable Guitars...

Great guitars are like great friendships, as they age, they mature. My name is Jason Brantley and I'm in the business of building friendships -with my customers and also between my customers and their guitars.

Every guitar has a personality,  like every player. Each is unique. As a player, there are some guitars that I love, others that I can walk away from. We are all like that. My job is to help you find the one guitar you can't put down, can't walk away from - a guitar to love. So, consider me your matchmaker. And after you buy that special instrument, I want you to come back again when you are ready for your next guitar. So my approach is to make friendship my business. No raw deals. You understand that I need to turn a profit to stay in business. I understand that you want the best guitar for the best price. I'll work with you to find the right combination of body style, construction, and sound. I'll give you the best price I can, and I'll also do my best to make it the best price around.

At Notable Guitars, I cater to serious guitar players of all levels. I don't carry really low end instruments, but I do sell wonderful, high performance guitars for people in every stage of learning and playing. I work with beginners to find the best instrument for them and I'm able to help the pros with their acoustic needs.

For the Beginner

There is a lot to know about acoustic guitars. First, they are fragile works of art - at least the ones that I carry are. Most are held together by glue, and although some makers bolt their necks on, others use the traditional dovetail and glue method. The necks are under a lot of tension when tuned, and they need your attention and care always to insure against heat, moisture and other problems.

There are many wonderful guitars in the world; some are mass produced using precision technology that often yields wonderful results. Others are made by craftspeople, artists, - their instruments can be stunning. Some of the finest guitars in the world are crafted in North America. Other great instruments can be found from Luthiers in Japan, the UK, Germany, Australia, and many others.  Many fine guitars are made by companies whose names are instantly recognizable, while others are made by less known but extremely talented luthiers in small shops free from corporate pressure or influence.

If you are a beginner, and by that I mean a serious beginner, buy the best made, best sounding guitar you can afford. Do some research and shop around. It is usually worth investing in a good sounding, well made guitar. You can find many guitars priced very cheaply.  Unless it is a well-made used guitar in great condition, it is likely to play poorly or sound worse. You may find that you can afford a nice guitar if you spend a little time learning about guitars and their makers.

Lower priced guitars are often made using laminated woods, which are durable, but these cannot compete with a well-made, all-solid wood instrument.  The Larrivee' 03 Series offer all-solid wood construction, impeccable fit and finish, and great playability and tone.  They are great for both beginner and pro alike.  They also hold their value extremely well. 

For the More Advanced Player or the Pro

The guitars I sell in the mid-range and at the high end are mostly handmade. That's important to me. I just believe in the beauty and magic of handcrafted instruments and value the care and artistry that underlies their creation. I have chosen to deal with luthiers who know their woods and whose work is highly respected. They produce premium quality guitars offered at a fair price. These works of art are made with a love of the guitar and an understanding of how best to produce beautiful guitar music. Learn about Larrivee, Morgan, and Northwood guitars and you'll begin to see why each of these instruments is created with a passion. Each takes its place among the finest guitars in the world.

When you play one of these guitars you'll find that the necks are smooth, the response is clean, and the action set just where you want it. The sound boards sing with a clarity rarely found. And the workmanship on these instruments is incomparable. Whether you are looking for a simple, unadorned style, or a gorgeous fretboard inlay, I have it.

Of course, depending upon the wood used and the size of the guitar body and neck, each instrument is suited to a specific style. A few, like the Larrivee' L Body, Morgan Concert, or Northwood MJ, are versatile enough to meet most players' needs no matter what style they chose to play.

Yeah, but on the Web?

No matter what your level of artistic skill, if you decide to work with me, I'll work with you. I want to know what kind of music you play, what sort of sound you like, and what level you aspire to reach. With this information, I can match you up with an instrument that works for you. But over the internet you say? Yes, we'll talk. I'll make the time to do that. I'll get to know you. I know the guitars I sell and as I come to understand your taste and abilities, you'll find that I'm pretty good at that matchmaking thing I mentioned. Besides, if you get the guitar and you don't like it, I'll take in back within three days - as long as you have kept it in new condition. Return the instrument in the original packaging with all case materials and warranty card, and I'll gladly refund your payment minus actual shipping charges. 

The Guitar as a Friend

Before you decide to buy a guitar, give some thought to the size of the instrument. Some playing styles are better suited to certain guitar types. If you know what kind of sound you want, what size your own body can accommodate comfortably, and what style of guitar playing you prefer, we are well on our way to matching you to the instrument that fits. All of these factors will figure into which guitar you buy. It's kind of like buying a car. Any one will get you there, but not any one will get you there in the style, at the speed, and with the appointments you want.

Once you have a sense of what the different guitars are like, give me a call.  I'll be happy to talk you through the different sounds and styles and find the instrument that is best suited for you.

My bottom line is that I love beautiful guitars and good friends. That's why I am in this business. I want my customers to love the guitars that I sell and to remain customers and friends. I'll talk straight, deal fairly, and help you get what you want. Remember, my goal is to match you with your perfect instrument. Beginner, pro, or anywhere in between, I will introduce you to some of the finest guitars made today.